Dinghy Inflator (Ryobi)

Hi all,

On Saturday one or two showed interest in my cordless inflation pump by Ryobi.

Ryobi sell 2 types I only have experience of the R 181-0 18 volt. This is compatable with the Ryobi ONE+ system.

This is the cheapest I've found on eBay, I bought mine slightly cheaper from another seller, cost £60

eBay item number:

Then you would need an 18 volt battery. The smallest is the 1.5 Ah Lithium (used to be 1.3 Ah but looks to have been superceeded) The most cost effective size I've found is the 4 Ah (that is capacity / cost), but as I've now a fair bit of Ryobi kit I buy 2 batteries to reduce unit cost, and not Ryobi's own as they're far too expensive.

£24 for 1 seems to be cheapest.

eBay item number:

Then you would need a charger, the more powerful 3A and cheaper and isn't by Ryobi, £24

eBay item number:
There is a Ryobi charger that will power from a car, or boat batteries, 'if needed', but I see that a 150 watt invertor would do the job for approx £15 rather than £48 to Ryobi.
Total cost doesn't look so attractive and there is likely some adapting of the inflator to a tenders valves needed.
The high volume hose inflates fast but not to adequate pressure. The lower volume high pressure 'Schrader' line is needed to bring up to the desired tender pressure, I found approx 2.5psi is needed. So more adapting from the Schrader to tender.
I also made an adapter so the pump can suck down the tender for easier packing away.
In a couple or 3 years when the battery packs up I would expect new batteries to still be available, I got tired of cordless drills becoming useless as replacement batteries couldn't be sourced or were too expensive.
Happy sailing and looking forward to seeing you all for more excursions soon, with my van up and running again hopefully.
Martin (and Larisa), Quatrefleur

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