Summer cruise 2018

I have been checking up on the weather for the next few weeks and it’s looking like we will be going North, so Ireland or Scotland with maybe the Isle of Man as the first port of call?

We are open to suggestions on destinations from crews taking part and would appreciate those intending to go to put their names forward in good time and any preferences that they may have for this cruise.


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  1. Not wishing to out a spanner in the works but we’ve already done the crinan canal. Nothing to stop the cruise splitting and some going through and some going around the Mull of Kintyre tho. I suppose we need to decide our initial plans and then play it by ear with a rough outline of where we are heading?

  2. Our summer cruise will now depart on Monday 30th July due to the forecasted weather for this weekend.

    At present, the destination is unknown and will dependent on the weather and wind direction.

    If you are interested in joining us, could you please post your comments in the secure members are of our club website so that all members can access your posts – we have some members that are not on FB so this way, they are included in our plans.

    Any queries, please contact Denise Jago using details in your yearbook

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