Osprey’s summer cruise hopes

Unfortunately we can't make the planned Summer Cruise start date of 28th July, so instead we're hoping there's still a little decent weather left for a start date of Thursday 9th August or thereabouts, and going through to the August Bank Holiday.

No specific destination in mind at present - anyone else looking to get out and about over the same period? Looking for some good company to share good time.

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  1. We are flying back from a week in Spain on Thursday 9th August, and likewise will be on the boat through to the August Bank Holiday. we thought we might try to go round Anglesey, or down to Pwllheli, or if the weather permits maybe even going across to Ireland. But we haven’t decided on any specific plans yet. Lets share ideas near the time.

  2. Edward
    Sometime that week (w/b Monday 6th August) I intend to sail (or MS!) up to Whitehaven via IoM. Although strictly speaking I probably don’t fit in to the “good company” category anyway, you now know where and when to avoid!!
    Regards JL

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