2nd June Caernarfon

This weekends planned cruise is to the very picturesque river at Caernarfon for the bilge keels, Victoria Dock for the fins. Plan to leave Beaumaris Bay at 11.30am to go through the Swellies. OOD for this weekend is Mike Hollingworth on Chinook, if you are interested in joining in, please let Mike know via a reply here, on the website, or direct contact, his details are in the year book.  Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    If you’re happy for a couple of novices to come along Larisa and self (Martin) would like to join you with Quatrefleur for our first cruise.

    1. Great glad to have you coming with us. Thinking of heading out over the bar to Llandwyn given the present forecast.

      I will be driving down this evening to hopefully be at the club for around 2100.

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