From either direction, turn into Abermenai anchorage from due South (anchorage bears 000°) . Keep close inshore (20-50 metres off shore) to anchor 1 cable north of brick hut, partially obscured by sand dunes.


Tail of sandbanks extend west of C8 buoy. Tide sets across them. Anchorage is tide rode, holding poor to fair. Good outboard engine may be needed to get ashore. Twin streams running through the anchorage set boats at unusual angles to wind, tide and each other. Re-anchoring in the small hours is a well established pastime. As westerly winds increase, so boats lie more regularly. Boats on warp should anchor well clear of others to avoid tangling. Anchors tend to lift for no apparent reason.


Temporary anchorage, protected from south-west to north-west. Untenable in easterlies. Uncertain holding on sand. Tide rode.