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NWVYC Racing

Club members do not race - they practise boat handling skills under sail, in the company of other club boats. Their preference is to hone these skills by chasing every other boat off the horizon; but since there isn’t time for this over a weekend, they sub-optimise around marks and buoys near the Club. Some people do call this racing. Club Races Though NWVYC members do not race, the first race trophy, the Walton Shield, was donated in 1962, just three months after the Club was formed. Since then the number and range of trophies has increased. Each year times, dates and courses change as the weather and tides dictate. This document is intended to help members determine which races they wish to enter and to guide them through the event to a successful social gathering at the end of the day. Races marked with a (P) contribute to the Points Trophy.

James Berry Trophy (P) This is usually the first race of the season, having been originally intended as a ‘shake-down’ cruise with Intent. Yachts are in close proximity at all times and are consequently in a position to offer assistance if required.

Irene Goodwin Trophy Political correctness changed this from the “Ladies Race” to the “Crew Race”. The normal crew (no imports allowed!) must helm and the skipper must crew.

Seamint Trophy (P) This is the Club’s only long-distance race, typically finishing in the Isle of Man. Within limits, the start time is determined by the skipper.

Trilogy Trophy (P) Originally intended as a relief to those crews who do not like start line shenanigans, this is a full day (8 hour) event which emphasises tide and weather skills above boat speed.

Whispered Secret Trophy Awarded to the first NWVYC yacht home from the Round Anglesey race of the Menai Strait regatta.

Astrador Cup (P) This Cup was donated by Astrador Boats for a race around Anglesey. It was later shortened to a race to Holyhead. It has traditionally been held on August Bank Holiday weekend and runs in conjunction with the Walton Shield.

Walton Shield (P) Presented for a “senior race” of more than 25nm., it has become the partner of the Astrador Cup, running from Holyhead to Caernarfon Bar.

Sprint Race (P) The Club’s one race around the cans.

Firth Trophy (P) Traditionally the last race of the season and confined to the Strait as the weather deteriorates. POINTS Trophy Awarded to the yacht scoring the lowest number of points over the season.

The appropriate race instruction sheet will be published on the website blog via a Dropbox link and are subject to change at any time by the OoD.

Please Download using the link above for a full guide to our more relaxed racing guidelines!