Sail in company with the North West Venturers

About the North West Venturers Yacht Club

The North West Venturers Yacht Club, founded  over 50 years ago, has always been a 'family' club - more interested in BBQ's on the beach at the end of a day’s cruise than Kevlar sails and protest flags. Our constitutional Aims talk about fostering good seamanship, training members (both newcomers to the sport and those who know that there is always something to learn) and 'sailing in company'. Most weekends during the season the Programme includes a cruise - often with a party at the destination for kids of all ages. Longer cruises give members the opportunity to cruise in company to unfamiliar harbours and anchorages. The occasional race is designed  more to improve boat handling skills under sail than secure trophies - though we do have a few of those!

The Club is like most Clubs - we have a committee comprising the Flag Officers, Club Officers and members. This is supported by a number of sub-committees, each normally headed by an Officer. Between them they arrange all the Club events and have arranged for various sailing goods to be available to club members at reduced prices. The Club has a dinghy store, a galley for any member to use, Heads (with showers), lounge overlooking the Menai Strait - and just a small bar, stocked and opened specially for social events. Our excuse is that, being a sailing club, we are more interested in … sailing.! However Beaumaris, is only 20 mins. walk away. We also have an interest in keeping our members active and safety conscious, and so we are a recognised RYA Training Centre.


Commodore's Introduction to 2017

This year I was privileged to be given the role as Commodore. I have a team of elected Flag officers and members of the management committee to help me run all the sections of the club....