Sail in company with the North West Venturers

Club committee - Flag officers and membership secretary

John Lomas

President - leads the Club, in recognition of exemplary standards of seamanship and diplomacy

Paul Morton

Commodore, helps guide the direction and atmosphere of the club on behalf of members commodore@nwvyc.org.uk

Mike Butterfield

Vice Commodore, responsible for the sailing programme vice.commodore@nwvyc.org.uk

Jen Barcroft

Rear commodore, socials and events organisation rear.commodore@nwvyc.org.uk

Joy Downes

Honorary Secretary - governance and administration of the Club, keeps Minutes and handles general correspondence info@nwvyc.org.uk

Ed Hopkinson

Honorary Treasurer - planning and budgeting, financial reporting, banking, bookkeeping, record keeping and control of fixed assets and stock treasurer@nwvyc.org.uk

Richard Forder

RYA Training Centre Principal  

Other committee members

Hon. Sailing Captain Marie Lawrenson
Hon. Membership secretary Sue Beetlestone members@nwvyc.org.uk
Hon. House Officer John Wrench
Hon. Bosun Graham Jones
Racing and Handicapping Co-ordinator Mike Butterfield
Venturer Editor (Ex-offico) Jan Lomas
Committee Members Pauline Hughes
Chris Hughes
Brian Oulton
Margaret Hopkinson
Noreen Jones
Lee Downes